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We employ patterns to describe cloud service models and cloud deployment types in an abstract form to categorize the offerings of cloud providers. Furthermore, we give reoccurring cloud application architectural patterns on how to design, build, and manage applications that use these cloud offerings. The abstraction of these patterns make them applicable to challenges faced by developers regardless of the actual technologies and cloud services that they are using.

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From the back cover: This book provides CIOs, software architects, project managers, developers, and cloud strategy initiatives with a set of architectural patterns that offer nuggets of advice on how to achieve common cloud computing-related goals. The cloud computing patterns capture knowledge and experience in an abstract format that is independent of concrete vendor products. Readers are provided with a toolbox to structure cloud computing strategies and design cloud application architectures. By using this book cloud-native applications can be implemented and best suited cloud vendors and tooling for individual usage scenarios can be selected. The cloud computing patterns offer a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience due to the mix of authors. Academic knowledge is brought in by Christoph Fehling and Professor Dr. Frank Leymann who work on cloud research at the University of Stuttgart. Practical experience in building cloud applications, selecting cloud vendors, and designing enterprise architecture as a cloud customer is brought in by Dr. Ralph Retter who works as an IT architect at T‑Systems, Walter Schupeck, who works as a Technology Manager in the field of Enterprise Architecture at Daimler AG, and Peter Arbitter, the former head of T‑Systems’ cloud architecture and IT portfolio team and now working for Microsoft.

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Scientific Citations

All content on this website is contained in the Cloud Computing Patterns book, which generally provides a more adequate reference for scientific publications than a website does.

Christoph Fehling, Frank Leymann, Ralph Retter, Walter Schupeck, and Peter Arbitter. Cloud Computing Patterns. Springer, 2014.

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