Hybrid Data

Data of varying size is hosted in an elastic cloud while the remainder of an application resides in a static environment.

Hybrid Data How can a data handling functionality that experiences varying workload be hosted in an elastic cloud while the rest of the application is located in a static data center?


A Distributed Application handles data whose size varies drastically over time. Large amounts of data may, thus, be generated periodically and are then deleted again, may increase and decrease randomly, or may display a general increase or decrease over time. Especially, during these changes, the user number and their accesses to the application can be static resulting in Static Workload on the remainder of the application components.


Data whose varying size makes it unsuitable for hosting in a static environment is handled by Storage Offerings in an elastic cloud. At this location data is either accessed by Data Access Components that are hosted in the static environment or by Data Access Components hosted in the elastic environment.

Hybrid Data

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