Key-Value Storage

Semi-structured or unstructured data is stored with limited querying support but high-performance, availability, and flexibility.

Key-Value Storage How can key-value elements be stored to support scale out and an adjustable data structure?


To ensure availability and performance, a data storage offering shall be distributed among different IT resources and locations. Furthermore, changes of requirements or the fact that customers share a storage offering and have different requirements, raises the demand for a flexible data structure. as data structure validation during queries requires high-performance connectivity between distributed resources storing the data elements.


Pairs of identifiers (key) and associated data (value) are stored. No database schema or only a very limited one are supported to enforce a data structure. The expressiveness of queries is reduced significantly in favor of scalability and configurability: semi-structured on unstructured data can be scaled out among many IT resources without the need to access many of them for the evaluation of expressive queries.

Key-Value Storage

Map Reduce, Data Access Component, Strict Consistency, Eventual Consistency