Elastic Infrastructure

Hosting of virtual servers, disk storage, and configuration of network connectivity is offered via a self-service interface over a network.

Elastic Infrastructure How do Cloud Offerings providing infrastructure resources behave and how should they be used in applications?


An application experiences Periodic Workload, Once-in-a-lifetime Workload, Unpredictable Workload, or Continuously Changing Workload, the number of IT resources, such as servers, should be adjusted dynamically. In scope of the IaaS service model, the applications’ runtime infrastructure, thus, must support dynamic provisioning and decommissioning of virtual servers, disk storage and network connectivity.


An Elastic Infrastructure provides preconfigured virtual server images, storage and network connectivity that may be provisioned by customers using a self-service interface. Monitoring information is provided to inform about resource utilization required for traceable billing and automation of management tasks.

Elastic Infrastructure

Hypervisor, Block Storage, Virtual Networking, Blob, Storage, Watchdog, Elasticity Manager, Cloud Application, Management, Node-based Availability, Environment-based Availability